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Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Bug Review

Lotta reviews of OS 10.4 floating around these last few days. Instead of reporting all the things you’ve read (or don’t care about) again here, I’ve decided to post a review of all the bugs I’ve encountered with 10.4 since it was released. In an effort to minimize non-OS bugs the only third-party software I’m currently running is the excellent Menu Meters <http://www.ragingmenace.com/software/menumeters/> which claims to be 10.4-ready.

iSync 2.0 (78)

One of the things I was most looking forward to with Tiger was improved Bluetooth support as well as an improved iSync since I use both to keep my address book and calendar on my cell phone. On the very first sync Tiger replaced all the address book entries in my cell phone with the two entries (myself and Apple) on my computer. Since then Bluetooth has been very flakey, sometimes seeing my phone, othertimes not.

Incidentally, if you know my cell phone number I’d appreciate it if you could call me so I can start reassembling my social life.

Thanks, Apple.

Custom number formats

When customizing my preferred number format (CCYYMMDD) in the /International/ section of the /System Preferences/ I found that I’m able to customize either everything but the /short/ format or nothing except the /short/ format. Extremely annoying.


When cmd-tabbing between running applications often X11 won’t bring it’s windows to the foreground, forcing me to use Expose to get back to what I was working on.

wget vs curl

Not really a bug or a complaint, but I thought it was interesting that Apple included curl but not the ubiquitos wget in the base OS.

Tiger is not completely bug-ridden, these are just a few examples I noticed while messing around. So far I’ve been enjoying most of the additions to my primary operating system, and am looking forward to the first patch.

Update 2005-09-07: Finally! They’ve released an iSync update today that has fixed the K700i. A four-month turn around is pretty horrible. But, hey, I can start syncing my calendar again!

Archived Comments


I saw that you posted again. Has it really been six months already? Wow, the time really flies by when one is busy. I eagerly await your next post. It will be October, right?


Ahahahahahaahahaha! Very funny.

This wouldn’t be a big issue for you if you’d just start using a goddamn news aggregator <http://www.hebig.org/blogs/archives/main/000877.php>. Then when there’s new content you see it and when there’s not you don’t need to keep checking back. Also when an old story is updated or someone posts a comment you’ll be notified. Like magic!

In the words of Stewie Griffin <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0182576/quotes#qt0111858>, “I don’t need to fucking impress you.”

whiteinge <http://eseth.org/> Says:

What’s the big deal with Spotlight? Microsoft and Apple are making this out to be some amazing new thing. I was doing this in BeOS a decade ago <http://apple.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=128854&cid=10753579> (seriously, ten freaking years ago). The guy that did it for Be is now doing it for Apple <http://www.nobius.org/~dbg/>. Don’t get me wrong, I sorely miss The One True Operating System and it’s good to have one of it’s cooler features back in my life, but these two companies need to stop complaining that the one is copying the other!

Matt Says:

So, ten freaking years ago you were, like, 12? ;-)

But seriously I wish I had the fortitude to have tiger become my primary OS. It probably could at home since all I have been playing is WoW…but at work, we’re a slave to the microshaft store.

that is all.

Jason Wessel Says:

Hey asshole! I don’t have to take this abuse! I do have an RSS feed to your sight. An RSS feed that hasn’t changed much in the last few months.

I know with some blogs, like Poppy Z, Brite’s, if I don’t turn my computer on for a few days there are about ten new entrys. With yours, I can check once a month, and still not be surprised if I am staring at “WoW Hunter Macros” or “Unobtrusive JavaScript Gems” One would almost think that you had better ways to spend your time, like school or work or with a girlfriend. Your pathetic!


Beeeep! Thanks for playing.

News aggregators aggregate RSS (and other) feeds all in one place. Try one, I think you’ll like it. Bloglines <http://bloglines.com/> is web-based so you won’t even have to install anything.

Jason Wessel

I get most of my news from BBC since traditional domestic sights seem to be obsessed with senseless bullshit like Micharel Jackson and who Brad Pitt is dating. (if you REALLY followed my blog you would know that from my weird battle with the Catholic fundamentalist from Texas) Unfortunately, for topical stuff I am interested in sights like http://www.albawaba.com/ar/main// and http://www.albawaba.com/ or for entertainment news http://www.cinescape.com, there are no news aggregators or fancy crap for these sights. Your setup is not keeping you ahead of the curve. How many times have I forwarded something that was new to you despite your aggregator? For, example, this is a few days old, but are you aware of Spike TV planning a Blade TV show?

If not, so there!

If you do know about it, Fuck you and your hippy shit! I hope you die!

I know BBC is state run but it is the best news in the world right now. It is dense but at least it covers the relevent material. I will stick with it despite the lack of an aggregator. If I want to follow the sex life of Colin Ferril or Tom Cruise I promise I will sign up to whatever you want. Until that day arrives, let me gather my news through sources I trust to waste my time.

I do need to free up time for underground gay midget porn.

JonsY Says:

Jason’s right, PussHound! Why do you even bother keeping a blog when you update is so infrequently!

whiteinge <http://eseth.org/> Says:

You started out so well I was actually going to admit defeat, but you dug your own grave <http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/help/rss/3223484.stm> on this one, buddy!

Victory is mine! <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0182576/quotes#qt0157216>


Oh, and who the fuck is JonsY, anyway?

JonsY Says:

have you read jason’s blog? his rocks, you should read it sometime… his is interesting!... meanwhile your’s is still sucking! Jason, you rock!

Smudo <http://ejoshua.com> Says:
I didn’t realize you still used a mac… good on ya! (i posted this from my

phone while sitting on the toilet.)

Johnny Says:

Nice to see a serious problem like loss of contacts get such professional responses. I had the same problem with my Palm -all addresses gone except me and Apple (I’ve since deleted the Apple entry). Luckily my Linux box had a backup. No other info on this??




Professional indeed. Thanks for the note though, that’s interesting to hear it happened with Palm too. I haven’t looked for any other occurances or a solution, iSync still can’t see my phone via Bluetooth, instead I’ve simply stopped backing up my phone. :-(